Learn to Trade Options with a Professional Trader

Roger Scott is at it again.

He just released a challenge for aspiring options traders to become his next success story.

Here at Investing Breakout we love free information from gurus and this workshop is 100% free.

Roger’s offering his seven day options trading video course at no cost and we would like for all our Investing Breakout readers to take advantage of this.

This new challenge is meant primarily for Roger’s members, but since we have a good relationship with him, he wanted us to extend this offer to our readers.

Roger’s goal is to teach traders how to analyze the markets and gain massive returns on their investment in order to gain self sufficiency and independence.

He’s also offering a twelve week bootcamp program that will kick off after the seven day options trading course.

Applications will be open and there will be limited spots, so don’t wait to grab a spot.

You’ll learn how to apply AFTER you go through the free series.

Imagine collecting double or triple digit profits in a matter of days.

No matter what your circumstances are right now, and no matter what your financial goals might be, Roger’s 100% confident you could pull them off.

Here’s what it’s like trading with Roger…

“I’ve realized an overall return of over 25% in two weeks. This would not have been possible without your picks. Needless to say, I’m thrilled and hope that your recommendations will continue to be so helpful (no pressure there).”

David S.R.

You only need the right system and the right mentorship.

That’s where Roger’s proprietary techniques come into play.

With a success rate up to 75%, this system is nothing short of worth the chance.

If you’re accepted into his Omega Challenge Option Bootcamp, Roger will take you by the hand and teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to dominate the market from analytical and fundamental tips you’ve never heard, to specific trade setups and management techniques that virtually no retail traders are using.

Roger will even be teaching the psychology needed to put it all together for true, unmitigated success in the markets.

“I am just about through my first 2 weeks using options and my ENTIRE ACCOUNT is up 29%!! I am in SHOCK of the power of this system. While I don’t expect to average 30% growth of my entire account every two weeks, I have zero doubt this is a game changer for me.”

Nathan F.

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