Grow Your Account by 316% In Just 63 Days

When I first started trading, I had the fortune of doing well… until I didn’t.

I doubled one of my first trading accounts in a short amount of time, but several months later that account dwindled to almost nothing.

I did that twice before I realized that the real money was in selling options.

The growth is slower, but the first few months were successful and I grew my account by 30%.

But… within 6 months, that account was almost gone.

Why was it that I could do well for a period of time only to eventually wipe out my account?

It took me almost 2 years to understand the main culprit behind every single failure I experienced.

Trade size.

This discovery makes the potential reward worth the risks and has completely changed my perspective.

Since then, I haven’t even come close to blowing out an account again.

If you’re looking to retire early and amass a fortune in trading, Mission Million Money Management Program is by far the most important contributing factor to your success in trading.

To prove the power associated with this discovery, I’m going to quiz you.

I’m going to flip a coin in the air 100 times.

Each time the coin lands heads up, you win $2 for every $1 you bet on that coin flip.

When the coin lands tails up, you lose $1 for every $1 you bet on that flip.

I’m going to give you $100 to bet with and we are going to rig the game to ensure you win by assuming that the coin will land heads up 50% of the time and tails up 50% of the time.

Remember, real trading isn’t rigged like this.

So, what does this mean?

If you were to bet $1 on every flip of the coin, your $100 could turn into $150 after 100 flips.

Since the game is rigged, your job is to grow your $100 as much as possible after 100 coin flips.

Be honest with yourself, do you have a clue as to where to even start to figure out how much to bet on each coin flip to maximize the return after 100 flips?

Most traders don’t know the basic principles of this approach, so I’ll make it easier for you…

Which option below will grow your account the most after 100 coin flips? Remember this is a no lose situation where the game is rigged in your favor.

  1. 10% of your account of each flip of the coin.

  2. 25% of your account of each flip of the coin.

  3. 40% of your account of each flip of the coin.

  4. 51% of your account of each flip of the coin.

Let’s break this down.

10% of your account on each flip turns into $4,700 after 100 coin flips.

25% of your account on each flip turns into $36,100 after 100 coin flips. This is 360x the original account size. However, this is only an illustration, so don’t assume that you can risk 25% all the time.

40% of your account on each coin flip turns into $4,700 even when it’s rigged in your favor because there’s a right and wrong trade size.

51% of your account on each flip turns into $33. You would lose money in this last scenario because you chose the wrong trade size.

Now, what does proper trade size do?

While all the trading gurus are focused on picking the next ballistic stock or becoming an expert in market direction, your focal point should be trade size.

If you’re serious about trading and success, you need to understand this game changing secret.

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