Never Miss Another Trade

Ask any trader if they would rather have $10 million or 10 more years on the earth.

Most would say 10 more years because the one thing traders value more than generating a return is time.

However, time is not something we can increase. We only have 24 hours in day, seven days a week.

Now, how many traders can honestly say that they watch the market 24/7 with absolutely no breaks?

Hopefully none.

It’s not physically possible and I don’t want anyone to even attempt to stare at a screen for that long.

However, there’s a dilemma...

If you’re not watching the stock market, how do you avoid missing opportunities that otherwise could increase profit potential and decrease risk?

The profit margin in trading is already lower than what traders believe or wish it was, so if you can improve every trade by a few dollars, it begins to add up in huge ways.

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

We’ve created a program called TradePartner.

TradePartner is a system that allows traders to preset conditions  so you don’t miss out on any trading opportunities while you’re living your life.

Before creating TradePartner, Ryan Jones would place an order on a simple option spread but would miss out when everyday life got in the way.

His initial plan, and what should have happened, was to exit a portion of that spread at a profit after it was filled on the trade.

All Ryan had to do was sit and wait for the order to be filled so he could place a partial exit order.

Instead, Ryan had an errand to run, so he left.

While he was gone, the spread was filled and he was not able to place a partial exit order.

This one mistake cost Ryan over $100 per spread and a total loss of $1000.

That’s why he created TradePartner to avoid missing out on opportunities like this.

How does TradeParner work?

There are two columns. One is the order or the initial spread and the second column provides you with instructions and a partial exit of that spread.

Moving over to the instructions box, this is where you will give instructions for each order.

For the 1st order or instruction box 1, the example above executes only at a limit without further instructions.

In other words, you’re telling the system to buy this spread at a $2.15 credit on a day order for two spreads.

Instruction box 2 requires order 1 to be filled first.

Once it’s filled, TradePartner will execute order 2 on a $0.25 limit and that is going to be that.

If you need to get in or out, you do not want to do it at the market… ever.

With TradePartner, you can instruct the product to work the ask or bid with completely customizable limits in order to achieve the best fill available.

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