Hedged Option Strategies That Work

Most traders aren’t maximizing their profit potential.

They place a trade, it sits, and then they wait for some miracle to happen.

In most cases, nothing happens because traders repeat the same procedures over and over again that lead them back to the same starting point.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that traders struggle to make a profit using this type of technique.

You’re probably not aware, but there’s relatively “new” information available to make a consistent trading income.

I’m talking about Hedged Options.

With proper hedging, your chances of making money increases and sometimes even eliminates your risk completely.

Ryan Jones, CEO of Quantum Trading Technologies, has already simplified a proper hedge strategy that reveals the biggest secrets behind his winning trades.

The principle behind Ryan’s Hedged Options is extremely simple because it’s like any other trade, but reduces the risk placed on your original trade.

In other words, you’re protecting yourself from losses while every other trader not following this approach is losing.

The secret behind this Hedged Options Strategy is to combine two trades that compliment one another.

Now, that can be done at the same time, and other times it can be done after the trade is filled.

For example, Ryan has a trade where the mathematical probabilities are in his favor, there’s low risk, and high probability because the trade is only 2 days long.


The next morning, SPY opened just below 268.00, so Ryan placed on a “Hedge Trade” to address the risk to the downside.

Placing this “Hedge Trade” transferred the risk to the upside.

SPY now must move up more than 6.00 points in 1 day to approach the breakeven.

At the same time, Ryan places a simple trade to hedge the risk to the upside.

The KEY in this strategy is to start off with a solid trade where the mathematical probabilities are in your favor, then plan a complimentary “Hedged Trade”.

Remember, when you enter or exit a trade will not make you money. Proper trade management is what you need to make a profit.

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