Find Super Stock Opportunities Before They Explode

Trading itself can be difficult, but deciding which stock to actually buy is even more overwhelming.

Wouldn’t it be nice to find “Super Stock” opportunities before they make their explosive moves?

The obvious answer to that question is yes.

Thanks to Chad Shirley and Ryan Jones, I’ve recently discovered a service that  provides the best seasonal opportunities with raw statistics and extensive breakdowns of the stock market.

Chad Shirley is a brainchild of Ryan Jones and has been trading for 20 years.

Ryan Jones is the CEO of Quantum Trading Technologies, who famously turned $15,000 into $107,000 in a well-known trading competition within 73 days using REAL money.

As Chad explains in the video , Seasoned Stocks is based on seasonal influences.

A Seasoned Super Stock is an equity that combines powerful seasonal influences and gives you the ability to buy a “proper” option with the potential to earn 100% or more within 5 to 20 days.

However, Chad describes that seasonal influences aren’t the only aspect that impacts market behavior.

Other possible influencing factors are:

  • General market direction

  • Government economic announcements

  • Quarterly reporting expectations

  • Company management

Seasonal influences occur during specific periods of time, such as calendars seasons and holidays.

For example, one stock in particular thrives during football season.

Nike (NKE)

During September, Nike has their logo plastered all over jerseys, shoes, and your television screen.

You would be selling yourself short if you didn’t pay attention to the fact that stocks act in predictable seasonal patterns.

Afterall, Ryan’s Seasoned Stocks is easy as 1-2-3.

The process consists of looking for a cluster of solid weekly opportunities, comparing the average move up to the average move down, and then look at the high and low points.

Most traders fail to recognize this perspective.

Now, let’s be real… nobody can guarantee anything in the investment world, no one knows the future, and past moves aren’t guaranteed to occur again.

This is why Ryan tells every trader to start small and let the compounding grow your account as you experience success.

You’re probably wondering why people aren’t doing this if Super Stocks are so great?

The reality of it is, it takes effort to identify stock opportunities.

Traders have to dig into the history of potential opportunities one by one and research back at least 20 years.

In other words, you have to put in the work to calculate your edge and most traders aren’t willing to do this type of research.

But, with Ryan’s Seasoned Stocks you won’t have to.

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