Make Money in All Market Conditions

Ryan Jones, CEO of Quantum Trading, held a LIVE webinar a few days ago.

I truly believe he pointed out a concept that many traders overlook.

Seasonal influences.

When Ryan mentions seasonality, he refers to the fluctuations during certain periods of time, calendar seasons, and commercial seasons or holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

In order to utilize these seasons in the stock market, Ryan has put together a three-step approach that gives you the highest probability for making money whether the market goes up, down, or sideways.

Ryan calls this his Synergistic Profits Approach, where the strength of one approach is stronger than the weakness of two.

For instance, if strategy 2 loses $100, strategy 1 makes $100, and strategy 3 makes $100, then the net result is +$200.

You still made money.

The KEY of this strategy is for the profits of one strategy to succeed the losses of the two other strategies.

Ryan breaks his synergistic profits approach into three sections.

Strategy 1

In his briefing, Ryan explained that there are multiple solid seasonal opportunities every month, but how do you choose which seasonal opportunities are workable and which aren’t?

Seasonal influences are some of the strongest contributing factors that move stocks and Ryan is sharing access to:

  • His top 25 favorite seasonal plays

  • Alerts of when to buy/exit

  • Two online videos demonstrating the process of how to discern seasonal opportunities that might not be a set of solid statistics.

Seasonal influences are not the ONLY influence, which leads us to the second strategy.

Strategy 2

Ryan calls this the Time Warp Bearish Enhanced.

To keep it simple, this strategy is an option spread in SPY that has very little risk, but WILL make money if stocks slide.

As the market moves, Ryan demonstrates how to “enhance” this one trade to increase profit potential and decrease risk.

The key to Ryan’s approach is to make sure the timing, structure, and trade sizes are determined by your exposure and risk within seasonal trades.

Strategy 3

Normal covered calls look something like this:

Buy underlying stock and then sell OTM call against the stock.

Unlike Ryan’s synergistic profits approach, the strategy above carries “unlimited risk” to the

downside up to the price of the stock.

Ryan has created a neutral covered calls strategy that shows you how to create covered call positions that have limited risks and make money even when stocks are slightly bearish.

He has outlined the full Synergy Profits Compounding Plan Here

You’re probably wondering how you can do this too.

During his webinar, Ryan shows you how to give yourself complete immunity from a stock market crash by using a combination of all three of these strategies.

This strategy is easy to execute, has limited risks, and the growth potential is unlimited.

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