The Powerful “Loophole” That Can Hand You an Extra 1,246% Profit Every Month

By any metric, the markets continue to power higher…

The Dow just broke a new all-time high, with the S&P 500 and NASDAQ following suit. But despite this record-setting run, the financial pundits are out there warning that the next major crash is right around the corner.

Former White House Budget Director David Stockman said “There’s surely a doozy just around the bend…”

Paul Tudor Jones, founder of The Tudor Group said, “It is unsustainable.”

And Ted Bauman (who predicted the economic collapses of 1999 and 2007) recently warned that a 70% market correction isn’t just looming… it’s “Already at our doorstep.”

But here’s the thing…

It doesn’t matter if these guys – or any of the talking heads, for that
matter – are right or wrong…

You can make money whether the market’s up, down, or sideways.

And in this month’s Million Dollar Masterclass, I’m going to show you exactly how. It all boils down to one simple and undervalued strategy…

This is the same strategy that handed my readers 300% total gains back in January 2016 when we were experiencing the worst volatility since 1930 – and 93% of investors lost money…

That we used to exploit the market for another 300% total gains the following month (February 2016) after the Dow suffered a 1,175-point drop – the worst point decline in history…

And that recently handed my readers 10 triple- and double-digit winners for over 1,086% total gains – in one week.  

I call it the “Loophole Trade.”

This one-two punch play is so powerful, it can hand you some of the biggest and fastest profits in any market condition. Just take a look:


And the best part is – it’s easy. Let me show you…


By now, you know my Money Calendar can pinpoint the best and most explosive trade patterns in the market – it even plans for the “worst” months that the market faces.

And that’s exactly why my Money Calendar readers haven’t sweat the volatility in 2018.

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Three Simple Steps to Placing the Perfect “Loophole Trade”

Before I show you exactly how to place a Loophole Trade, I want to cover a few basics. That way, you’ll have everything down pat for your next money-doubling opportunity.

For starters, you won’t be able to go to your broker and ask him or her to enter a Loophole Trade for you. I coined that name myself, but this strategy is officially known as a spread trade. I send this strategy whenever I see an opportunity during high market volatility, which can increase option prices.

That’s where the Loophole Trade comes into play…

This strategy reduces your total cost, which in turn, reduces your total risk – a double win. And it’s extremely easy.

But instead of telling you how – I’m going to show you using a real recommendation I sent to my readers on August 20, 2018.

Remember, this is an old trade that’s already been closed. So you do not want to actually place this trade. Plus… it wouldn’t work anyway if you tried.

Here are the trading instructions I sent to my readers:

Action to Take: Open a Loophole Trade on United Rentals Inc. (NYSE: URI)

Entry Instructions

  • BUY-to-OPEN URI September 21, 2018 $155 Call (URI180921C00155000) AND SELL-to-OPEN URI September 21, 2018 $160 Call (URI180921C00160000)
  • Pay no more than $2.00 for the green loophole trade
  • Enter as good-’til-cancelled (GTC) order

Exit Strategy

Close 50% of your position for 100% gains or more by following the steps below. Hold the rest until you hear from me:

  • SELL-to-CLOSE URI September 21, 2018 $155 Call (URI180921C00155000) AND BUY-to-CLOSE URI September 21, 2018 $160 Call (URI180921C00160000)

Here’s a quick breakdown of what that all means, starting with the entry instructions…

Action to Take: This is where I’ll tell you what kind of trade you’re opening and the stock/ETF that you’re trading.

Buy-to-Open: This means that you’re buying a contract to open a new position.

URI: This is the ticker of the company or ETF (in this case, United Rentals Inc.) that you’re trading, also known as the underlying stock.

September 21, 2018: This is the expiration date of the option you’re buying.

$155 – $160: These are the strike prices of the options you’re buying- and selling-to-open. The $155 option gives you the right to buy shares of URI at this price, and the $160 option gives you the right to sell shares of URI at this price, no matter the current price of the stock.

Call: This tells you the option type you want to trade – either a call or a put. You’ll hear me use the term “Green Trade” for call options and the term “Red Trade” for put options.

(URI180921C00155000) and (URI180921C00160000): This is the chain of the options you’re buying-to-open and the option you’re selling-to-open, respectively – a technical, abbreviated name for the options you’re trading. The letters at the beginning (“URI”) mark the ticker of the underlying stock, followed by the expiration date (“180921” means “2018 September 21”), followed by the option type (“C” for calls, “P” for puts), followed by the strike price (in tens of a cent – “00155000” means $155, and “00160000” means $160).

For a limit of $2.00 or less: This sets the “limit price” – the most you want to pay to enter this trade. I never enter a trade without setting a limit price, and neither should you. After all, even the most lucrative pattern will do you no good if you pay too much to get in on the trade.

Good-til’-cancelled order: This order tells your broker to keep your trade order open until you cancel it.

Here’s how that order looks on a sample options trading platform. (Fig. 1)


Exit Strategy

On September 10, our Loophole Trade hit $3.40, handing us that 100% gain we were looking for.

Here were my instructions:

  • Action to Take: SELL-to-CLOSE 50% of your September 21, 2018 $155 Call (URI180921C00155000) AND BUY-to-CLOSE 50% of your URI September 21, 2018 $160 Call (URI180921C00155000) for no less than $3.40. Hold the rest until you hear from me.

As you can see, I’ll never leave you guessing and will always tell you what to do when it’s time to move on a trade – getting in and getting out.

So let’s break it down, focusing on what’s different from the entry instructions…

Sell-to-close: We’re selling and buying our options to close our existing position.

50%: This is the size of the position that you should close. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least two contracts of each option in order to close half, because you can’t close 50% of an option contract. It’s always up to you as to how many contracts you’d like to have. 

For no less than $3.40: We recorded a price of $1.68 for our URI contracts. So when they hit $3.40, we took our 100% win on half of our position.

Hold the rest until you hear from me: If we’re only closing half of a position, this is where I’ll tell you what to do with the remaining half of your position.

Here’s what the exit instructions look like in our example options platform. (Fig. 2)


Now you may be wondering what happened to that other half of this trade. Three days after grabbing a double, our options more than doubled, reaching a high of $4.50 – giving us a 167.86% profit.

It’s that easy and lucrative to place a Loophole Trade – and take 100% profits. And I’ve got even more information for you in my latest Million Dollar Masterclass, including a special opportunity using this same strategy. 

Why We Don’t Buy Stocks

Now, you might be asking – why not just buy the stock?

There are two reasons…

First, buying 100 shares of stock on the market’s top 325 stocks and ETFs can get expensive quickly. In this case, if you wanted to buy 100 shares of United Rentals Inc. (NYSE: URI) outright, you’d have had to fork over $15,444 at the time I recommended this trade. That’s a considerable investment – but if you followed the Money Calendar’s option recommendation, you’d only have put $168 at risk.

Second, the patterns that the Money Calendar uncovers usually reveal stock moves between 1% and 10%. Meaning that if you bought 100 shares of URI at $15,444 you would have made only a 3.5% profit.

But the unharnessed power of the Money Calendar and the Loophole Trade, combined, gave my readers 269.65% total gains. And that’s just one of the 49 triple-digit winners Money Calendar readers have had the chance to get in on so far this year.

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