How Governments Are Failing and Losing Credibility

“Stay home.”

That’s the mantra from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the full gamut of world “leaders” who think that the world should do as they say, not as they do.

Who can possibly stay home?

In Toronto, over 200 flights per day arrive, with about one third of them originating internationally. Are the people on those flights staying home? No. Obviously. We are in a hurry to repatriate Canadians who left for an international vacation in March.

How bout the “stay out of the park and only go out for groceries” directive? I live in Cabbagetown in Toronto, and every time the sun peaks its head out, the neighborhood overflows with people from surrounding neighborhoods who flock to the park at the end of Carlton Street.

Is there any enforcement? No. Do the people who live on Carlton Street near the park deserve to have a 10x normal foot traffic exposure to COVID-19 because the government fails to enforce its own directives?

No. Are the majority of people who live along Carlton Street approaching the park over 60? Yes. Are the residents of Cabbagetown mostly xadhering closely to the directives of the mayor of the city and the premiere of the province? Mmmmmm….maybe almost not really hopefully yes.

So how can a government be taken seriously when its actions belie its words?  How are we expected to observe government directives when their inability and unwillingness to back words with actions renders them meaningless?

I’ve been listening to people’s conversations who roam throughout the city as if it's any other spring day. The sentiment that is most uniformly expressed is that personal freedoms of one demographic cannot be curtailed in the interest of another demographic.

Worse, among the young, there is sentiment along the lines of “old people who brought the world to its current state deserve to die”.

From a Darwinist perspective, the rise and proliferation of COVID-19 is just a natural evolution of the class virus attempting to improve its survivability by adapting to an abundant food supply: humans.

That this particular iteration of the family coronavirus evolved to prefer the elderly is nothing more or less than an evolutionary meme like the horn of a rhinoceros or the fangs of a snake; they are mechanisms of natural evolution designed to differentiate and thereby advantage that evolutionary branch.

Being human – with an over-evolved sense of self and awareness as one of our particularly successful evolutionary differentiators – we try to ascribe meaning and logic to all events, be they personal, national, or special (I mean that in the sense of “of species”).

We are incapable, without concentrated extraordinary effort, of realizing that the life force driving this evolution of all biological beings is indifferent to the plight of one species at the expense of another.

If this attack on humanity were in the form of giant woolly bloodthirsty mammoths with bullet proof armor, the rampage of such a scourge would be infinitely more egalitarian across demographics.

Also, the collective human response would be without detractors: kill the beasts would be the uniform approach.

But with something so minute and specialized as a virus, we neither agree on the exact nature of the threat, nor on a suitable collective defense.

Well, actually we could, but only if we had governments who were capable of enforcing their expressed will in law through the application of police.

Until that occurs in this battle, the ignorant detractors wandering the Cabbagetowns of the cities will ensure concentrated municipal crucibles of infection persist until the virus has maximized its reach.

As for China, this nation governed by dictators has suggested the best defence against an insidious virus is lying. Does anyone actually believe that the virus has miraculously disappeared as a contagious threat in China only, as per that government?

We now learn through escaped reports that a) the urns containing the ashes of the coronavirus dead are tallied in the thousands well above the official Chinese government published death toll, and b) China doesn’t actually count a patient who has tested positive for Coronavirus yet remains asymptomatic as infected.

For them, it’s all about the appearance of being better than the United States.

The government of the United States had zero credibility, in my view, before the advent of the Coronavirus. The statements of that orange-hued huckster since Coronavirus only confirm the fact.

And now, its vault into the world’s most infected country are the wages of the sin of pretending to have “shut it down” as Trump proclaimed in late February.

Justin Trudeau, for his part, is making a great effort, and needs only now to demonstrate what all strong governments must absolutely exercise: the power of the rule of law and its  uniform enforcement.

By allowing the wanton disregard of legal restrictions on park access and peregrination at will of the ignorant population, he not only inculcates lawlessness in youth by demonstrating hypocrisy: he undermines his own credibility as a leader.


Written by James West
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