Pandemic From Earth's Perspective

There’s no denying that Coronavirus has accomplished in 3 months what a lifetime of Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace protests have not: global emissions reductions are substantially down since the virus has curbed air and sea travel by 90 percent.

And while we like to look for an animal or a nation to blame for its emergence, COVID-19 is nothing more or less than the Earth’s own immune system waking up and going to war against the human virus that is undermining all of its natural systems. 

The ratio of human beings to the rest of Earth’s flora and fauna is woefully disproportionate, when one considers the average ratio of non-human populations in nature relative to one another.

In many respects, that is a good thing.

If mankind can’t modulate his consumption and exhaust, then Earth is certainly not one to shirk the task.

The ability of human beings to see the Coronavirus outbreak in such terms is limited to a very tiny minuscule portion of the population. In fact, it is precisely because this tiny yet visionary percentage of the population are unable to convince the vast majority that these transgressions against ecological systems are compounding the threat to the continued existence to humanity as a whole, that is the reason we are in the predicament we are in.

And when you consider the multi-faceted relentless assault on Earth’s ecological systems that is the byproduct of our global economy in full swing and growing by several percentage points each year, the chances of this Coronavirus pandemic being a one-off are very slim.

It is more likely that this outbreak is just another (after SARS, MERS, AIDS, Hantavirus, Juninvirus, Ebola, TB, Bubonic Plague, etc) in a long line of manifestations of the planet’s own autoimmune system attempts to bring the disproportionate excess of human beings and their destructive activities into what would be considered (by the planet) to be a more “natural balance”.

Note that we already know what is meant by “natural balance” without needing anyone to explain it to us.

The natural balance that is the cornerstone of a healthy ecological system is one of the most fundamentally understood concepts by any human being.

The fact that we continue to overproduce and own objects in abundance for which we have little emergent use is in fact, our death sentence as a species.

So get ready for a long line of “novel” outbreaks yet to come. And while we bob and weave as a society to try and escape the worst case scenario of such outbreaks, we will continue to innovate and defend ourselves against these outbreaks with a frantic technological output that will rival war-time productivity and dwarf it.

As we speak, there are hundreds of companies and medical professionals fighting to stop the spread of the virus. Millions of dollars are being poured into research and clinical trials, hoping existing medicines can be transformed from treating the outbreaks mentioned above (eg. HIV, Malaria, etc.) and benefit the current pandemic.

There are a variety of avenues companies can look towards when treating COVID-19: drugs targeting the virus is the obvious first step but aiding symptoms and boosting immune systems are currently being explored for production.


James West

The James West Letter

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