The Magic Of Trusting Your Trades

Do you ever find yourself long a trade that you should really be shorting?

Do you trust your gut? Or ignore it because you couldn’t possibly be wrong?

Throughout my career as a trader, I’ve made plenty of mistakes by ignoring my gut.

Sometimes I realized that not only should I not be in the trade, but I should be on the opposite side of it — like shorting a stock I’m currently long or vice versa.

The best thing to do in situations like this is to just admit you made a mistake. There’s no room for ego in trading — it’s okay to be wrong. What matters more is what you do next…

My advice is to pivot. Never be afraid of switching the directions of a trade if there’s a valid technical or fundamental reason to do so.

It might not be easy to pull a 180 on a trade at first, but as you gain experience as a trader, the easier it becomes to trust your instincts. 

However, and I repeat this, make sure there’s a valid trading reason to reverse course (or enter and exit any trade for that matter). In my experience, you should feel comfortable as soon as you enter a trade if it’s the right one to make. 

Of course, that’s no guarantee that any specific trade will work, but you should make money over the long-term. 

Trading is technical, mathematical and statistical — but there’s a third element that involves how you feel about a trade. That’s the art in trading, it’s not 100% science. 

And once you recognize and trust your trading instincts, you’ll be better for it.

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